Buyers do not register on Aboardnoahsark.Com so there is no where to direct you where you can leave feedback.--------------- If a buyer paid electronically during checkout, you are sent an email immediately with a link where you can leave feedback. If you don't leave feedback from the first email, you will receive a second email about 20 days later with a link to leave feedback. If the emails went to your spam folder or you deleted the emails, there is no way for you to leave feedback. If a buyer paid from an invoice, by check or money order, there is no way for you to leave feedback.
YES ................. Follow the Paypal link at checkout and checkout as a guest. Paypal allows you to use your credit or debit card without having an account.
Yes, we do...... 1) If you live in the Berlin, Maryland 21811 area, we can arrange for a local pickup....... (2)You must have the exact amount owed at the time of pickup. We do not make change...... If you are a no show or cancel at the last minute, we reserve the right to cancel the order.
At this time, there are no Paypal fees for the buyer. We as the seller pay for the fees incured....... Payal has changed their policy about refunds... The seller will not recoup the Paypal fees if you decide to cancel an order or want a partial refund for combined shipping where the purchases were made at different times ........ If a buyer cancels an order or request a parial refund for combined shipping, the Paypal fees incured by the seller during the transaction will not be refunded to the seller. If a full or partial refund is to be made due to a circumstance which is due to our fault and not the buyers, all monies including fees will then be refunded.
USPS has consolidated ground shipping options by combining USPS Retail Ground®, First-Class-Package®, and Parcel Select Ground® into a single service: USPS Ground Advantage™.
All orders shipped Ground Advantage or Priority Mail are insured up to $100 dollars. If extra is required there will ba an additional charge to the shipping rate automatically quoted. If there is a need for an insurance claim, it must be inititated on the buyer's side. We will assist in all ways possible. You are able to see further information if needed on the USPS.Com site. - You must retain the box - The wrapping - You must be ready to show that you paid for the item from your payment Processor. - You must bring the damaged item to the post office where it will be surrendered -- DON'T FORGET TO GET A RECEIPT - Insurance claims only cover the cost of the item and not including the postage. Remember, you will have to surrender the damaged items if you plan on making an insurance claim. You don't get to keep them.
Yes, we do! 1) We buy Hagen Renakers (other miniatures) that are from an estate. 2) Bought from a yard sale, estate sale, or auction and haven't been picked over. What info do we need? 1) How many do you have? 2) Condition 3) Topic: cats, dogs, etc 4) How much do you want for the lot? We don't usually make offers. 5) Images 6) We must also talk by phone about the transaction at some point. After you make the initial contact, we will exchange pertinent information to complete the transaction. Contact us at [email protected]
As the name implies, you are rescuing a Hagen Renaker that has been damaged in some way. The damage can be slight to severe. The price takes into consideration and is priced accordingly. Do you take offers? NO ! ---- These TLC (Tender Loving Care) Hagen Renakers are found in the "Animal Rescue" category only and are clearly described in the description. If more details / description is need, ask a question from the "Ask a Question that's found in that listing.
Yes, we have many Hagen Renakers and other miniatures. Please contact us using the contact link. If you see the category already there but "0", it means we haven't gotten to that category yet. Tell us: 1. what you are looking for 2.any other information that makes contacting you easy and clear.
Combined shipping is offered at the time of checkout by the cart auto-calculating the correct combined shipping........ Purchases made on a different day, time or as a second order are not eligible for combined shipping with any previous orders. If your order has not shipped or been packaged, we may be able to accommodate but we make no guarantee thereof.
Yes, combined shipping is offered. Your cart will auto-calculate with combined shipping. Combined shipping is offered and applies if ordr is made at the same time, not on second orders or different days ------------ As of 2/22/23 Postage Rates Are All First Class Mail: - Little Critterz $4.95 first item / $0.80 each additional - Small Bone China are the same rates as Little Critterz - Hagen Renakers small are $6.00 first item and $1.00 each additonal ------- - Hagen Renaker Horses are typically 8.50 plus depending on the size and cost of the horse. - Each additional one can range from $3.50 plus depending on the horse and combination ------- The cart will usually take the first highest pirced item/shipping and then add according to the cose associated with additonal animals. This can vary according to the combination with the purchase.
No, we no longer ship internationally.
Yes, a purchase can be returned for a full purchase price of the item, not including postage (either sent or return postage). Please ask your questions prior to buying. If the descripiton is substanially different we will gladly accept a return at our expense....... Please remember to read all listing information. ... It will say whether or not you are receiving the one in the image or if the image is for display purposes.